Affiliate Overview

Affiliate Setup

  • Affiliates are paid the following Friday of each sale. After that each affiliate is paid for those sales monthly on those Friday’s of each month for the previous month’s commissions
  • Refer 4 and your system is paid for and you are making a profit!
  • No ceiling or limit to earning potential
  • Earn monthly residual income

Commissions are paid by PayPal

Affiliate Documents

Please fill out and return these forms to

Affiliate Agreement


International W8 (for affiliates outside of the US)

Affiliate Payout Structure

Level 1 referrals are the amounts you make for people that you directly bring to Convert Masters. Level 2 referrals are people that are brought in by the people that you brought in directly at level 1. Levels 3.,4 and 5 are peopled that were referred by people at the levels above them, but we still reward you for initiating this wonderful chain of events!

  • Level 1


  • Level 2


  • Level 3


  • Level 4


  • Level 5